Terms and Conditions:

Any person, business, or organization (client) doing business with Peter Roof and Alt Gobo MediaWorks LLC (Alt Gobo) agrees to these terms. This web site is the only location where current terms and conditions are presented and it is the responsibility of the client to fully read, understand, and comply with these terms. Any revisions by either party must be made in writing before any work commences.

Billable hours:
Standard business day is 8am to 6pm ET weekdays (holidays excluded). Billing for crew services begins at the time of departure from Alt Gobo in Arlington, Va. and ends upon return. For travel assignments the clock used is in the time zone at the beginning of the day. For jobs not requiring ANY gear (or all gear provided on location) billing starts at call time at first location and ends when released from last location. Regular time is billed for up to 11 consecutive hours if an hour long break is provided mid-way through the job. Crew calls for multi-camera switches and most show productions are based on full day rate. Overtime based on 1.5x the hourly labor rate is charged for every hour after the 10 working hours are exceeded. All jobs are considered full days.

Minimum ENG/EFP crew call is 5 hours. Half-days can be considered upon request only at the time of booking. To qualify as half-day job must be 5-hours maximum with a fixed out time, no exceptions or changes within 48 hours of job. Half-day must end before or start after the noon hour. Any job that ends after 11pm or starts before 7am can only be considered a full-day. Any hour between 11pm and 7am worked beyond seven total hours will be billed at 1.5x the labor rate.

Project preparedness:
Clients are expected to provide adequate information to Alt Gobo in a timely fashion so the desired project can be executed properly. Any additional resources requested within 12 hours of the project start will cost double estimated rate. Rental gear will be charged at double cost. Any delivery charges will be charged additional.

Project details are due at the time of booking. No project will be considered “firm” unless booking contains call time (arrive), day of week, date, exact location, project name, and assigned position. Due 48 hours before call: location contact/phone, event name, event start time, approximate end time, equipment requirements, crew requirements, logistics (directions, parking, loading), negotiated rate, and nature of the project. All information MUST be sent via email (or text message) even if discussed in person or on the phone. Without these details the job will not be considered firm and can be cancelled at any time. Alt Gobo can hire a person to perform the producer function at client’s expense.

Client is responsible for providing complete contact details at the time of inquiry. This is important to confirm bookings when a conflicting request arrives, which can be at any time of day or night. If such a request occurs Alt Gobo will attempt to contact the earlier client who will need to make a 100% firm booking or release the reservation within 30 minutes of the request. If the request is unanswered then the reservation will be released and Alt Gobo will then offer resources to the next client.

Cancellation policy:
With the exception of "guaranteed" jobs cancellation of crews, equipment rental, or editing projects more than 48 hours before the date/time of the event: no charge. Cancellation 24 to 48 hours of specified crew call time: 50% of estimated cost less unused materials and expenses. Cancellation within 24 hours of the event constitutes payment in full less unused materials and expenses. For initial bookings made within 24 hours clients have 30-minutes to cancel or be subject to paying the full charge. Jobs booked for immediate start will be billed starting at the time the inquiry is received.

Cancellation policy applies to ALL circumstances, including weather. Only exception are incidents affecting the entire region forcing the closure of Federal agencies. In this case the cancellation charge will be waived ONLY if the client reschedules and executes the planned production with Alt Gobo. This does not apply to news clients covering the actual incident. Clients will have to reserve additional days if jobs are based on ideal weather/flight conditions or with subjects with uncertain schedules. These alternate days will have to be released 48 hours in advance to avoid cancellation charges.

Guaranteed jobs are declared at any time (called a “challenge”) and may be required of the client who wants to hold resources for their project alone. At the point a guarantee is requested and client agrees the client is liable for 100% of the estimate even if the job cancelled for any reason. This guarantee also applies to the 10% advance booking discount program.

If a booking is declared “firm” and no call time has been specified 8am will be used when considering cancelling charges.

All services provided directly by Alt Gobo are negotiable. Third party hires, rentals, and expenses are non-negotiable. Any job not paying the full rate can be cancelled at any time when another client makes a firm offer for more money. If job is a crew-only assignment Alt Gobo will make an effort to recommend a substitute. Any deposits paid will be returned.

Invoices are payable upon receipt. Credit terms: 30 days from the date of invoice. Failure to pay within 30 days accrues an interest penalty of 1.5% per month from the date of the original invoice, 18% per annum. At least 50% of the estimated cost must be paid 48 hours before the job. For established clients a 50% deposit is required on work over $2,400 estimated billing.

Payment can be in the form of cash, check or PayPal. PayPal service allows customers to use a wide variety of funding options including major credit cards. If payment is made via PayPal after the due date an additional 3% is due.

Full payment for any political project must be made in advance. Consulting services will require a retainer.

Client will be responsible for all costs associated with collecting past due monies.

Travel rates are based on the individual requirements of each project. Alt Gobo will bill for crew travel time only, based on departure from Arlington, Virginia to final destination and return trip. Travel labor is billed at straight time. Charges for labor travel may be waived if less than 4 hours, not on a production day, and outside of normal business hours (8am-5pm, Monday through Friday). Equipment charges may be waived if traveling outside normal business hours.

Airline/train tickets and lodging purchased by Alt Gobo and not provided by the client will be charged a 20% service charge in addition to the cost of the tickets. Per diem is issued for travel and field production based upon the destination and the number of days involved on current Federal OPM scales. Additional travel related expenses include tips, tolls, freight handling charges, parking, phone calls, etc.

For jobs using Alt Gobo gear local travel is included (up to three person crew, one vehicle per crew): mileage up to 50 miles, tolls within that first 50 miles, first parking charge. Excess mileage charged at current IRS rates. Additional tolls and parking charges will be billed for reimbursement.

Alt Gobo is not responsible for conditions beyond its control which includes unforeseen delays in travel by any conveyance and delays or denial of access by security personnel.

All editing is based on a one hour minimum, with half hour increments there after. Use of the stock material, music, and/or effects stock library all constitute additional billing unless otherwise noted.

Cost Estimates:
Estimates given prior to performing services are not quotes but only estimates based on fees from outside services, materials and time required to complete job at the time the estimate is given. Estimates are based only on the information presented by the client. Alt Gobo is not responsible for a client’s incomplete requirements, assumptions, or failure to adequately prepare but will attempt to perform as requested, within reason. Additional charges for late changes will be borne by the client and can include rental charges, rush fees, crew hires, and delivery charges. Alt Gobo reserves the right to charge an additional 25% for these charges if not paid directly by client.

Final costs may change due to changes in job requirements. Fees charged by outside services may change at any time. Rates may also change if there is substantial time between estimate and job acceptance. Extensive job preparation, including determining necessary resources and costs, may be billed at our hourly consulting rate and is payable even if production was not ultimately executed. There is a charge for site surveys which may be waived only if Alt Gobo has choice of when to conduct survey and Alt Gobo is awarded job.

Quality Control:
Alt Gobo can not be held responsible for errors, flaws and costs of materials and services provided from outside Alt Gobo. Deficiencies considered beyond the scope of standards of our industry are not our responsibility. Within reason, Alt Gobo will take necessary steps to correct any and all errors within its control only if brought to our attention within 5 days of the conclusion of the project. In the event corrections can not be made Alt Gobo will make other billing adjustments. Alt Gobo does not accept responsibility for any written and/or recorded content within a client's final product(s). Equipment and other resources provided by the client is their sole responsibility including the proper setup and maintenance plus providing adequate support resources. Alt Gobo will make efforts within the standards of our industry to operate the provided equipment to achieve suitable results. It is the responsibility of the client to provide complete and accurate information before and during a project.

Receipt and/or use of any portion of final or intermediate work is indication of acceptance and client is responsible for all charges associated with said work. If work is rejected then Alt Gobo will retain full rights to the work and client is to return or destroy any rejected work product in their possession. Any use of rejected product implies acceptance and client will be in violation of copyright unless satisfactory payment is immediately made. Client is responsible for all costs associated with partial and/or incomplete jobs.

Liability Limitation:
Alt Gobo liability is limited to fees charged by Alt Gobo. We are not responsible for any losses or other expenses incurred by the client due to negligence, delays, or failure of performance for incomplete or extended work regardless of fault. Client is responsible for any expenses from a third party. Alt Gobo is not responsible for the disposition of any materials once surrendered to client.

Client is required to fully disclose to Alt Gobo and its subcontractors the complete nature and method of the production at the time of inquiry. Disclosure must include, but not limited to: who is paying (directly and indirectly) for the production (all primary contractors and subcontractors), the production's intent and ultimate usage, and method of production. The person booking Alt Gobo services MUST represent the client being billed. The hiring person must be expressly authorized by the client to make such purchases. Hiring person can be liable for full payment of services if they failed to get adequate authorization from client that refused to pay. Alt Gobo and its subcontractors reserve the right to refuse work for any reason. If client fails to fully disclose this required information before the production, and if Alt Gobo and/or its subcontractors object to the nature of the production based on misleading or missing information, Alt Gobo and its subcontractors can immediately cancel their participation before and during the production and the client is still liable for full payment.

Professional Responsibility:
Client is responsible for providing a safe, healthy, respectful, and professional working environment. Client cannot compel Alt Gobo or its subcontractors to perform any act that is illegal, unethical, or unsafe. Alt Gobo and its subcontractors can immediately cancel their participation before and during the production, and the client is still liable for full payment, if client insists that Alt Gobo or its subcontractors perform any illegal, unethical, or unsafe acts. Additional ethical standards apply to newsgathering functions and all participants must comply with the journalistic standards of the industry. See: NPPA Code of Ethics and Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

Business relationships established prior to involving Alt Gobo will be respected for a period of 18 months from the last job. If a direct client has not paid Alt Gobo within the prescribed time then Alt Gobo may seek remedies directly with their client. Alt Gobo may solicit a client for prospective work if the sub-contractor that hired Alt Gobo failed to make timely payment for work performed on their behalf.

Client agrees to not solicit any Alt Gobo subcontractor or vendor for work and services. Such an action will violate a subcontractor’s agreement to not seek and accept projects from Alt Gobo clients. The only exception is if that if client had, with previous work, an established business relationship with vendor prior to coming to Alt Gobo.

Until full payment for all services has been satisfied Alt Gobo retains any and all rights to the material gathered including any work product. Upon final payment the client, under the work-for-hire rule, will retain copyright to all material gathered on their behalf. This applies only to material directly related to their planned project. For speculative projects Alt Gobo retains the full copyright to all contributed work unless otherwise noted. Client is responsible for securing rights to use any material in their project. Client agrees to hold Alt Gobo harmless in any action related to use of intellectual property, officially sensitive material, or officially secret information in their project.

Unless expressly restricted, clients agree to make samples of the final project available to Alt Gobo for use as only a demonstration of past works to prospective clients. Alt Gobo will provide links to online project or show highlights of Alt Gobo's contribution to the project. References made will only mention the final product.

Terms updated October 2014. All Prices, Terms & Conditions subject to change without notice.