Finder’s fee:

Alt Gobo primarily depends on referrals to build new business. Alt Gobo will pay a 10% finder’s fee to people who refer new and sustainable business to us.

The fee is based on what Alt Gobo earns less any outside expenses such as crew, rentals, and materials. This is available for any size job from large-scale productions, consultations, and aerials to half-day studio assignments. For example: a check of about $150 can be awarded for a full-day with gear and two-person crew job.

The reward is available after Alt Gobo is paid in full for the project from a new (or returning after 4+ years) client referred to us. Since we are interested in establishing an ongoing business relationship we will also pay another finder’s fee after this new client’s second job with us. In order to properly credit the referral the new client or referring person MUST bring the referral to our attention before the job. After the account is satisfied we will calculate the amount of the fee and ask for an invoice. This is available to anyone except employees of the new client.