Alt Gobo is owned by Peter Roof who brings more than two decades of television production to the job. He's familiar with nearly all phases of production. Part of his success is his versatility, flexibility, and ability to deliver quality services to a constantly evolving industry. Below is a partial list of the scope of services possible at Alt Gobo.

It starts with a concept. Then pen is put to paper (or cocktail napkin or back of envelope). Then that has to be transformed to a plan. I have access to a broad range of creative personnel who will work with your concept and help craft your message. As a production expert I can determine the most cost-effective method of delivering that valuable message.

Technical Production Management
Do you speak TV? While television is very easy to watch it is extremely complicated to make. While not brain surgery it does take a special type of skill and experience. We have been in the production arena for more than two decades. We can take your creative vision and speak the language that our craftspeople understand.

We have helped clients evaluate their technical resources and make recommendations for upgrading their facility to meet their current and expected needs. We have also helped beginners and seasoned veterans master traditional skills and learn newer technology. Sessions can be with individuals and small groups.

Single-camera Production
Most projects fall into this category. Camera packages and crews are prepared for many types of productions. Please refer to the “Tools of the Trade” section for available equipment. Specialty and supplemental equipment can be rented from preferred vendors.

Scope of assignments include:
  • sit-down interviews
  • news events
  • live shots
  • speeches
  • PSAs/commercials
  • profiles
  • public and congressional hearings
  • non-fiction programming (single programs & series)
  • fiction narratives
  • sports
  • press conferences
  • b-roll

Multi-camera Production & Webcasting
Free cost estimates for standard projects in 24 hours if you send COMPLETE details (more time may be needed if extensive external resources are required). For complex projects production planning based on technical management services.

We have the knowledge and the crews to cover live events from multiple angles. Packages are mobile and can travel locally or across the nation. Our crews are disiplined in camera, lighting, sound, graphics, tape, etc. Some cameras can be on booms, in unique places with robotic contols, or have long lenses.

Any multi-camera event can be streamed live. We approach each assignment as a “production” first with internet dissemination. The reason why we are better for this is that our skills were learned long before the internet existed as a viewing choice. Our computer nerds are making sure the signal gets out and are not running the show. This makes for an excellent experience that viewers at the event and online expect.

Live events covered include:
  • press conferences
  • speeches
  • concerts (classical to rock)
  • plays
  • performing arts
  • awards programs
  • sporting events

Facility Personnel
If you have an installed facility like a studio or mobile production truck we can help on the crew. Specialty is camera (hard or hand-held) but can run many VTRs, sound boards, and switchers. If you need a complete crew we can fill your crew list from my roster of excellent freelancers.

It is wonderful to see the world from above! Be it natural or man-made, that unique aerial perspective allows us to examine our surroundings in a way that is simply not possible to do from the ground. Shortly after the Wright Brothers took to the sky cameras started to photograph our earth. Aerial photography and cinematography can be seen everyday. Movie makers and commercial directors know this and make extensive use of aerial camera work in their projects.

Stock B-roll material
A growing inventory of classic beauty and iconic images of our Nations Capital in high definition. I have the shots of the seat of US government, Washington memorials, the region, and the nation that your production needs.

Compressing a period of time into a shorter viewed clip is another way to experience our surroundings. Alt Gobo has done time lapse projects as short as a half-hour to several days. Examples of applications are construction projects, establishing shots, and major entertainment productions that start/finish in an empty space. Alt Gobo has been collecting material around Washington that includes the major landmarks with sun, moon, or clouds passing. If you have a subject that might benefit from a time-lapse treatment please contact us early. We need to evaluate the setting to see what resources and procedures are needed to get the desired result.

Live and almost-live
Cameras capable of outputting HD-SDI and SD-SDI with embedded audio (composite NTSC/PAL + analog audio too) to uplink facilities.

If you don’t need or want the expense of real-time coverage I suggest using our “almost live” services. With the P2 workflow it’s possible to cover events and quickly turn around material suitable for posting or made available to news outlets. Material can be ingested, edited, compressed, and uploaded as the event continues. Connectivity made possible at facilities at or near the location or through WiFi or a “tethered” mobile phone.

”Speakerphone” interviews
The Washington area has plenty of experts and other subjects that can enhance your program. To save time and money many producers choose to do a “speakerphone” interview. In this setup we go to location and record the answers to your questions delivered over the phone. The material is sent back and can be edited into your final program. A “live” interaction can be simulated if talent is recorded at both locations with both looking directly into the camera.

Late-breaking events
Many events are not planned. There are also times when the decision to include a subject comes late in the process. Our extensive news experience enables us to swiftly mobilize resources and get the material you need. While it is preferred to take a more measured approach we can gather suitable material in a matter of hours provided crew and gear is available. It can be more expensive than planning in advance but this gets you what you need.

There are many options today as to where and how you assemble your material into a final product. We can perform basic edits in the field and in my home office. For more involved projects we have select people who can pull together the elements to make a dynamic program.

DVD Authoring
We have the capability to create fully authored DVDs. This allows you to have comprehensive menus and/or sophisticated playback options of your material. Clean and creative menus help enhance the viewing experience.

Alt Gobo caters to the professional television trade. If you are interested in having a family event covered (wedding, bar mitzvah, funeral, etc.) please continue your search, there are plenty of people who would be glad to offer these retail services. Even though the word “gobo” is a part of our name we do not create the custom lighting patterns.