You don't have to have a big Hollywood budget to include aerial material in your project. Surprisingly, there are affordable options where you can get that unique perspective that will greatly enhance your production. Click here for samples of material from aerial missions.
Mount options
There are a wide variety of mounting options ranging from shooting hand-held out the side door to a completely gyro-stabilized system that delivers smooth and dreamy pictures. Please contact me so we can determine the best mount for your production.

If your project can use aerial video we can help. We use the latest digital video technology and have mounted them in various ways on an MD-500C helicopter. This aircraft appears small but is a versatile and capable camera ship. It has plenty of power for these payloads and can follow speeding boats, cars, and aircraft. The rotor system generates less vibration and the operating costs are less then the popular counterparts. This translates to a savings for you and the ability to seriously consider aerial video in your next production.

Available in our hangar is the new Aerial Exposures camera mount system.

Aerial DP Flight Hours
Updated: May 2012
Total flight hours 557.4
FLIR FSI UltraMedia II or III 394.6
Aerial Exposures gyro platform 57.6
Aerial Films 13.6
Tyler Middle Mount 4.8
Aircraft stick 2.0

Flight Restrictions
There are some areas of the Washington metropolitan area off limits to aerial video. Click here for map.