Technology & industry

Ohm's Law
Calculator to determine watts or amps of a unit or array of equipment.

Online Conversion Calculator
Remember when the metric system will be adopted in the US by the 1980s? Well, we're still waiting. So until that happens you can go here to change units from one standard to another.

World Broadcast Standards
Standard Definition

International Power
Table with voltages, frequency, and socket types for AC electrical power in different countries.

Lens Calculator
Online field of view calculator. Use the above units converter, it’s all in metric.

Frequency Finder
Which wireless mic frequencies are open for your production market.

FCC Frequency Search
Official database of frequency assignments.

DT12 fanout color code DT12 color code
Many markings on well-used audio mult fan outs are faded. Use this guide to see channel assignment for each pair.

Glossary of Terms
Combination or film, video, and audio terms

IMDB Glossary
Internet Movie Database glossary of terms

Television Production Glossary
Excellent and comprehensive list compiled by Joel Johnson in 2002

Sports Camera Positioning
Fundamental positioning and duties of cameras covering different sporting events live.

Mother nature

Excellent animated radar.

Applications for your desktop and smart phone.

National Weather Service
The source of data for all the other services.

Photographer’s Ephemeris
The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) is a tool to help with the planning of all types of outdoor photography, but particularly landscape and urban scenes. It is a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land. Runs on Mac or iPhone/iPod with Adobe Air installed.

Sun times
When is "Golden Hour?" This should give you sunrise and sunset times for today in Washington, DC.