Home office

Working from home is our most efficient practice. There is no fuel consumption since there is no commute plus another building does not have to be built and maintained. This reduces our overhead and that's great for the bottom line.

Other practices:

  • Extensive use of "electronic" paperwork to reduce hard copy printing
  • Use of recycled printer paper
  • Shred and recycle all unnecessary paper
  • Email PDF invoices
  • Use electronic bill pay
  • Compact florescents, and now more LED bulbs, used throughout the building
  • Solar powered attic gable vent
  • Solar powered LED security lights
  • LED holiday lights
  • Ceiling fans
  • Deciduous foliage to reduce solar gain in summer and allow solar gain in winter
  • Use of Aquabarrel to capture rainwater runoff
  • Use biodiesel in diesel production trucks. Available to civilians at the Navy Exchange Quarters K near the Pentagon and Navy Annex at 801 S. Joyce St, Arlington. MAP PRICE
  • Opt out of delivery of unsolicited telephone directories.

Renewable energy

Electricity used to power the Alt Gobo home office comes from 100% renewable sources through Dominion Virginia Power.

For more on renewable energy for the area:

District of Columbia

Moving gear and crew to location takes large vehicles. To offsett that engery consumption Alt Gobo has these practices and encourages others to do the same:

  • Use public transportation (if do not need to bring gear)
  • Carpool (no need to take multiple cars to distant jobs)
  • Bicycle to nearby assignments as weather permits

Park n Ride lots

Green fleet

As a “carbon offset” to the 1994 Toyota 4runner, the primary production vehicle, we’ve added a 2008 Toyota Prius to the fleet. This will be used on smaller jobs and assignments where crew is working in a client facility.

Location practices

A lot of energy is consumed and waste generated while on location. Many locations have resources for collecting recyclables. Crew is encouraged to separate their waste when returning the location to its original condition. Here are other practices encouraged:

  • Collect recyclables (beverage bottles, scripts, etc) for disposal in proper containters or in space available in equipment vehicles for return to bins at the base of operations.
  • Label cups and bottles to minimize crew getting fresh containers when they can't find theirs.
  • Turn off production lights when set and not shooting. This saves power consumption, lamp life, and load on air conditioning systems.
  • Use LED and florescent lighting when appropriate.

Sustainable content: Preach what we practice

The rapidly changing technology has a massive need to find and disseminate the best and most accurate information. There's a mission to help get the information from the source to those who need it to make our world a better place for today and future generations. Along with supporting client communication there will be an expanding library of visual material and complete story packages featuring sustainable technology and practices.

No more hard copy yellow pages

Alt Gobo has opted out of receiving hard copy yellow pages. These unsolicited directories used to be picked up off the porch and dropped into the recycling bin. Online searches are better, easier, more efficient, and can have up-to-date info. To opt out go here: