To accept assignments for Alt Gobo MediaWorks, LLC you agree to perform services as an independent contractor and agree to be compensated as such. You agree to conform to the highest standards and practices of our industry and to conduct yourself as a professional.

Taxes, dues, work permits

As an independent contractor you have the sole responsibility for the payment of your own income taxes, and are subject to the Social Security self-employment tax. You must furnish Social Security or Federal Employer Identification numbers and a mailing address so that you can be provided with the necessary Form 1099 at the end of the year if earnings exceed $600.00. To get an EIN visit this site:

You must be legally able to work in the United States and be a US citzen or have a valid US Immigration work permit (green card).

You also have sole responsibility for the payment of any and all union fees if applicable.


Independent contractors have the responsibility to provide their own insurance for injuries and liability coverage, since you are not engaged as an employee and therefore are not covered under any worker's compensation insurance policy. Please send your current "Certificate of Insurance" for worker's compensation and/or general liability insurance. If we don't have a current copy of these certificates in our files we may have to suspend hiring you until your records are brought up-to-date. You must provide adequate insurance to cover any and all equipment you provide or rent for assignments. You also agree to hold Alt Gobo and its agents, harmless from any and all claims resulting from your actions.

You hold yourself open to engagement by anyone and that you are solely responsible for the results of your labors and for the means and methods of accomplishing said labor.

Business License

All independent contractors based in Virignia doing business with Alt Gobo are required to obtain and maintain a valid business license. If your jurisdiction requires independent contractors to have a similar business licenses then you also need to get one from your local government. You need to furnish us with a copy of that license for our records.

Local government business links:

Arlington County
Fairfax County


You understand that you are "working-for-hire" and acknowledge that any and all material gathered for the primary client is, and shall remain, their property and that you relinquish any and all claims for such material in perpetuity. If the client agrees, you may be able to use material you've created in a showcase of your work for marketing purposes.


Alt Gobo works hard to find and keep clients. You will not solicit our clients nor accept requests for direct work that Alt Gobo provides unless you've been given express permission by Alt Gobo to do so. This includes handing out your own business cards and other contact information. Even if it seems the work is not related to what Alt Gobo provides you must still seek permission. Alt Gobo will make an effort to book specific individuals on future jobs as requested by our clients. Alt Gobo will hire the best person for the job and makes the final decision on bookings. Freelancers who don't respect this relationship will be removed from our roster and no longer receive assignments from Alt Gobo.


You agree to not share outside of the Alt Gobo staff and Alt Gobo crew information about Alt Gobo with respect to financial and client information that may appear on some production documents or be discussed. The content of some projects are to remain confidential until presented to the intended audience. There are also some projects with information that is intended for an internal audience only. Please respect a client's request to not divulge the content of their program outside of the project's staff and crew. Some additional confidentiality agreements may need to be completed for certain projects.


Under the “work for hire” rule all work performed for our client will remain their property.

Driving record

You may be asked to drive Alt Gobo and client owned and rented vehicles. You must maintain a clean driving record and obey all traffic laws when operating any of our owned and rented vehicles. If you no longer have a clean record then you must inform us before you are booked on any assignments. You must always have a valid driver's license (or other official state ID) with you on our jobs for driving vehicles and gaining access to most office buildings.

Physical capacity

You must be able to lift at least 45 pounds easily. It is your responsibility to practice safe lifting techniques or to ask for assistance if a load is too big or awkward for one person. Many jobs also require standing for extended periods of time. If you become ill, injured, or unable to do what normally is required on our jobs then you must inform us immediately and let us know when you can return to work.

Professional Responsibility

You will maintain appropriate ethical standards while working on Alt Gobo assignments. You must also protect yourself and others by maintaining excellent safety practices. If you are asked to do something illegal, unethical, or unsafe you must refuse to perform such an act and then make us aware of that request immediately. If you see an unsafe condition you are required to act to prevent that condition from harming anyone or anything.

It is expected that you do the job you are hired to do. It is your responsibility to determine the exact nature of the job and the expectations. If requirements are beyond your qualifications then you must decline the assignment. If the job is in progress please perform to the best of your ability.


If you want to stay on the Alt Gobo freelance roster you must respond to our inquires as soon as possible. Many of our communications are sent via e-mail. If you don't have an e-mail address that you check -- and respond to -- daily then you will not receive any assignments from Alt Gobo.

Updated: August 2010