Gettysburg battle reenactment

Confederate cavalry makes a flanking maneuver at Saturday's battle reenactment (Photo: Peter Roof)
This year marks the 149th anniversary of the three day battle between Union and Confederate armies in Gettysburg, Pa. The actual fighting was done on a battlefield several miles away and is now marked with monuments to the brave and fallen. These reenactments were done on a farm field outside of town. As many as four thousand enthusiasts participate in replaying parts of the battle with horses and soldiers using replica cannon and guns. They also live as they did in that century in an encampment nearby. A living history section demonstrated the food, fashion, and culture. A field hospital was setup and, using mannequins, showed how crude combat surgery was performed on the wounded.

The Pentagon Channel covered the weekend for their documentary program “Recon.” Temperatures soared above 100˚F. (In 1863 the temperatures were around 85˚F, still rough wearing a wool uniform). Photographer Peter Roof used a Sony HD XDcam camera to record the action and interview participants. Four GoPro cameras were planted around the battlefield and on participants to get additional perspectives on the action.