New rates and discounts

After more than five years at the same low rates Peter Roof has decided to make a slight increase. He believes the new rates are competitive and are slightly below the average for this market. The rates take into consideration his deep experience and the comprehensive set of tools that includes the latest technology and the industry’s top performing legacy hardware. In a practice not common in this business, Alt Gobo will publish the current rates on this website. Clients can use the figures to plan routine projects. Of course, no two jobs are alike and clients are encouraged to contact Alt Gobo with specifics so we can give a more detailed estimate using only the necessary resources.

Along with the increase a unique 10% discount program is being offered. Discounts are available on Alt Gobo resources and clients can take advantage of this program if projects are firm booked in advance. Single-day projects can get the discount if the job is guaranteed ten days in advance. For two and three+ sequential day projects the window is 20 and 30 days respectively. The discount is also available if Alt Gobo has the choice of selecting the production day(s).