PAL upgrade triples international potential

To increase functionality and reach a larger clientele Alt Gobo's Panasonic HPX170 camera has been upgraded to be switchable to PAL. PAL is an international broadcast standard used in most of Europe and the rest of the world (yellow on map) which operates on a 50Hz frequency. Countries like China, India, Australia, and Indonesia all broadcast in PAL. The North American standard (Japan too) is NTSC (green on map) which is at 60Hz. Twice as many televisions work in PAL than NTSC.
Most nations have, or are developing, digital high definition transmission standards that are similar to what the US implemented in June 2009. Sadly, there is still no global standard. High def material can be recorded in a wide variety of settings and may be able to be converted or output using many different codecs. The technology is still emerging and we have yet to see how material can be exchanged easily. However, having the capability to record in the PAL frequency may streamline that process if going directly to traditional broadcast or post-production overseas.