Back to backstage

Alt Gobo’s Peter Roof is returning a profession he first experienced in high school. His next project is serving as the Technical Director for The American Century Theater company in Arlington, Va. All of their productions are made in the original 3D!

For those TV types the job is not punching a video switcher but coordinating all technical elements (sets, lights, sound, etc.) of a stage production. It’s been 25 years since Roof worked regularly in a theater. That was before the internet and cell phones. Back then he was one of the small group of techies in Western Maryland College’s (now McDaniel College) Alumni Hall, the theater for the academic and summer programs. His career took him to newspaper photography then into TV production.

“The theater experiences I had still apply to the work I do now,” said Roof. “Much of the technology I use in video production crosses over but others I will have to relearn or see how it’s done today.”

Roof was asked by company Managing Director Paige Gold to oversee the production of the next show, “Little Murders” by Jules Feiffer. Roof will be supported by designers, carpenters, and electricians contracted for this show. Roof will still do his "day job" of working client TV production assignments as the schedule allows. The show opens in January and is performed in a black-box theater attached to the Gunston Middle School in Arlington County.