Presidential interviews for local stations

Occasionally President Obama grants one-on-one interviews with reporters from local stations around the nation. Four stations were selected and had less than ten minutes each to do their interview.
Since it would be difficult to have each station bring their crew in to record the interviews one news operation is designated to provide the material. This time it was NBC NewsChannel’s turn. News photographers Steve Muskat, Rich McDermott, and Peter Roof did the setup in the White House’s Diplomatic Reception Room. Virginia Coyne was the location producer. The crew had about two hours to setup three cameras, lighting, and sound. The interviews were recorded in standard definition wide screen and recorded on P2 cards. Another outlet recorded the SDI output from the president’s camera on an XDCAM deck. Once the recordings were complete it was fed from the briefing room.
It was quite an honor to work on such an important assignment. As you can imagine security was intense and the room was filled with untouchable furniture. It was a challenge to find a pleasing angle for both subjects and to set lights outside the frame of all three cameras.