Visual storytelling workshop

To tell a story is at the core of any video project, no matter if it’s for non-fiction or fiction shows. In crafting stories the main emphasis is the words but the three day workshop presented by the National Press Photographers Association focused on the visuals. The touring Northern Short Course rarely gets near the Washington area so when it came to Fairfax in March Peter Roof decided it was time to attend. He knew that knowledge and skills gained here can help all of his work.

Sessions attended: licensing, storytelling, police/journalists relations, Final Cut Pro tips & tricks, time lapse, editing style, one-man-bands, and collaborative projects. Many of the presenters didn’t show anything particularly new but reinforced the methods for gathering and assembling essential and special elements for compelling stories. It was good to hear what elements, both picture and especially sound, make for good building blocks for any story. Non-linear edit systems have helped the process for both speed and ease. What is impressive is that these practitioners can make great stories about unplanned events on a short deadline and all in less than 1:30.

Peter has been a member of NPPA since he started as a news still photographer in 1985. Several years later he transitioned to TV news and was delighted that the organization also supports excellence in this craft.