Moving map can now accompany moving video

We now have the ability to include geographical reference information to video captured from most moving vehicles (bike, car, boat, or helicopter). What you see are two windows, one with the video and the other is a map with the route displayed and an icon indicating the current position.

Not only is it interesting but is useful for many commercial and industrial projects. The primary application will be to enhance aerials to allow clients to identify subjects. The positioning data indicates where the helicopter is positioned so it can be easy to find what objects on the ground are being recorded. Other data is displayed such as speed and elevation.

This can also be useful for industry applications such as surveys for utilities, water management, mining, forestry, and other surface features.

In this example two cameras were positioned on a bicycle as it went past many of Washington DC’s most famous landmarks. The total trip was about 20 minutes but you can position the pointer anywhere on the route to see what is in view.