A Policeman's Life - Afghanistan TV

Afghan-Americans contribute to every sector of American society and none is more important than the key area of law enforcement.

Host Mariam Atash Nawabi sits down with Wyce Babar, an Afghan-American policeman in Prince George's County, Maryland for a behind the scenes look at police work and to discuss the day-to-day challenges of being a police officer.

Production was accomplished with two Panasonic HPX170 cameras recording tapeless to P2 cards. Mike Broleman and Peter Roof were the photographers. In addition, two point-of-view HD cameras were mounted in the officer’s cruiser to capture additional angles as he patrolled the town. Another angle included dynamic car-to-car video in the streets of Riverdale.

The segment is a part of a program called “Pul,” a weekly public interest program, recorded in the United States for broadcast throughout Afghanistan.

Watch segment.