Military Benefit Association :30 spot

Thirty-second commercial aired in select cable markets nationwide. Shot in high def (720P/24P) using prime lens adaptor. Edited in Final Cut Pro. Alt Gobo was the production company and made this spot with the assistance of the following people:


Producer/DP: Peter Roof
Co-producer, technical supervisor: Kathi Overton
Associate Producer: Sharon Sobel
Writer: Wendy Wilson
Editor: Louise Hernon
Makeup: Patty McFarland
Audio: Kathi Overton
Gaffer: Louise Hernon
Grip: Jesse Fresco

Veteran: Daniel Lee Mascarello
Wife: Stephanie Harkay
Daughter: Chloe Kasey
Announcer: Heather Hathaway

Special thanks:
Tom and Linda Roof
Steve Shannon