Stage play "LIttle Murders" opens

In a return to a profession last practiced a quarter century ago Peter Roof helped get the stage play “Little Murders” up and running. This production is created in the original 3D. As Technical Director he was responsible for all the sets, props, lights, and sound. He was supported by excellent designers and crew.

The project began in early December with set construction in an Arlington County run scene shop. The “black box” performance space is also managed by Arlington County. The set consists of two walls representing a New York City apartment in the late 1960s. The lighting grid uses 30 Source Four Jr. Zoom lekos and 30 6” fresnels controlled with an ETC programmable lighting board. Sound is a big part of the play and is run using Qlab software. There are even a few special effects to support the action.

“Little Murders,” written by Jules Fiffer, focuses on the violence that encircles and engulfs a New York City family. The action centers on daughter Patsy and Alfred, the new man she brings home to introduce to her parents and brother. It’s a world where the sound of gunshots is de rigueur, heavy breathers regularly call, unseen visitors knock at the door… and the Newquists are just trying to have a nice day. Meanwhile, Alfred has chosen not to fight back, something that Patsy is desperate to change. The epidemic of violence in 1960s New York and a citizen’s choice to sink or swim form the basis for the dark comedy at the heart of “Little Murders. “

Jules Feiffer has offered satirical commentary on American life for over fifty years, through cartoons, screenplays, stage plays and children’s books. Originally gaining prominence as a cartoonist for The Village Voice, Feiffer shines an often sardonic light on the political, sexual and social facets of our culture.

The American Century Theater is a 501(c)(3) professional nonprofit theater company whose mission is to promote 20th century theater as a vital part of our cultural dialogue. It was founded in 1994 in Arlington, Virginia.