Billing Information

Please invoice Alt Gobo MediaWorks LLC the approved rate. Invoices must include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your SSN or EIN
  • Client's name
  • Date(s)
  • Task performed
  • Pre-approved rate
  • Actual hours (call and completion times)
  • Overtime only with client approval*
  • Expenses (if any) only with prior client approval*
  • Project name and/or client job numbers
  • Comments on how the production went (these are not shared with client)

*If there are any extra expenses on the job please contact your crew chief immediately following the assignment. These costs are passed on to the client and need to be included on their invoice. If we don't get this information within two days of the job then Alt Gobo will not reimburse you and you can not bill for overtime. Please itemize your invoice.

Billable hours are usually the time you are with the gear and on the job. Transit time to and from home is usually not included. Lunch breaks are not included. Please do not assume your standard or desired rate is what this particular job pays. Rates vary and must be determined BEFORE the job.

Please send invoices immediately following job to:

Alt Gobo MediaWorks LLC

811 N. Barton St.
Arlington, VA 22201-1907

Fax: (not available)

Email: peteroof(a)

You can group multiple jobs on one invoice provided you give complete, detailed information that includes all the items listed above.

You may receive one check for services and expenses.

Alt Gobo will not pay any invoice that is sent more than 12 months after a job. Bills sent in December may get paid before the end of the year.

Alt Gobo intends to pay all crew invoices 30 days following receipt of invoice. You are welcome to contact us to confirm receipt but please don't ask to be paid any sooner than one month. At rare times we experience a temporary cash-flow problem and will have to delay payment on invoices, including those from freelancers. We appreciate your patience and understanding during these tight times. Please know that we will get all past invoices paid as soon as possible. Unlike many other companies, we do not wait to be paid by our client before we pay you.


Communication is critical in our business. If you want to stay on the Alt Gobo freelance roster you must respond to our inquires as soon as possible. Most of our communications are sent via e-mail. If you don't have an e-mail address that you check -- and respond to -- daily then you will not receive any assignments from Alt Gobo.

We recommend you have a mobile phone. If any info has changed please keep us up to date.