Hurray for Hollywood

Dance Recital

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Potomac Falls High School


Full performance: $29.95

Duration 1 hour, 24 minutes


Notice: the file is approximately 6.2GB in size each so may take several minutes to fully download. Format is H.264 Quicktime .mov and should play in most popular media applications and on smart TVs.

Purchasing is via PayPal and you should be able to use a credit card without an account. The download is from DropBox and you should be able to download without an account. If you add to your DropBox account they may ask to increase your data limit. 

Please follow or paste the above link of your choice in your browser. Download immediately after purchasing. The given link will change. The DropBox viewer only plays the first few minutes. Please don’t share the link or file but backups are strongly recommended. Posting on media sites like YouTube is not allowed and may result in having your account automatically suspended.